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Not Happy With Current Travel Healthcare Assignment Location?

How to Address Issues with Your Healthcare Staffing Agency

So you’ve packed up and headed out on an exciting new assignment—chances are you’re acclimating well, taking in your new surroundings, and getting to know your co-workers and patients. But every once in a while, you may encounter unforeseen problems, or—worst-case—find yourself stuck in an assignment you are having second thoughts about. Here are a few tips for dealing with bumps in the road on your healthcare journey:

Avoid Problems Before They Arise
It might not seem helpful if you’re already stuck in an assignment you’re unhappy with, but many problems can be avoided by taking the time to fully understand an assignment before you agree to it. Get all the details you can about the type of facility you’ll be working in and tasks you’ll be expected to perform. When talking with your recruiter, share any misgivings you have. Most importantly, take time to self-assess and make sure this is the right assignment for where you are in your development.

Contact Your Recruiter
When things aren’t going as expected, make sure to contact your recruiter immediately—don’t let problems get worse before you make your concerns known. Also, your recruiter may be able to help rectify the situation, and give you valuable advice for overcoming challenges in a new assignment. Be patient and don’t make any rash decisions.

Give Feedback
It’s important to share your experiences in a completed assignment with your recruiter. Being upfront about problems or stress you encountered in an assignment will help your recruiter select future assignments more appropriate and enjoyable for you. If you have negative experiences with an assignment, don’t be afraid to share them. Help your recruiter help you.

Stay Positive
While following the above tips, there still may be times when a traveling healthcare pro will encounter difficulty in an assignment. It is important to treat each assignment as a learning experience—you’ll gain valuable experience and be better prepared for both avoiding and anticipating problems in the future. Stay positive, and keep things in perspective!

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