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New Year’s Resolutions for Allied Health Professionals

If you’re an Allied health professional who is thinking about possible New Year’s resolutions for 2018, we’re here to help! New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to come up with (and even more difficult to stick to!) but with enough creativity and willpower, it can be done!

Here are some of the top New Year’s resolutions for Allied health professionals to take on in 2018:

1. Try to fit more exercise into your schedule
Exercise has great health benefits, such as boosting your mood and keeping your heart healthy. Work can be stressful for an Allied health professional, and assignments can be challenging at times. If you need a healthy outlet to feel better after a long day, try going for a walk or doing some light yoga.

2. Make time to meditate before going to bed
Meditation is another healthy way to manage stress, sadness, or other negative emotions that can start to affect our mental and physical health. Meditation is also wonderful for those who have a hard time falling asleep as it can help calm the mind and body. Make it a point to mediate for just 5-10 minutes per night before going to bed, or for 2-3 minutes when you just need a breather.

3. Swap unhealthy snacks for healthier varieties
When we have busy schedules, we often settle for unhealthy snacks to either satisfy emotional eating cravings, or because they are much easier to “grab and go.” If you are someone who often makes poor diet choices because of your schedule, try meal prepping for the week ahead and preparing healthy meals like turkey and cheese wraps or a salad. If you still get your food to go, opt for grilled or steamed entrees instead of fried ones.

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4. Try an assignment in an unexpected place
You might have your eye on a big city like New York, or maybe somewhere warm like Florida or Arizona. You might be someone who always likes to have things planned out, but you should challenge yourself to try somewhere new. Sometimes your first choice for an assignment might not be available, and instead of getting upset over it, see it as a blessing in disguise! You can go to a new and exciting place that you didn’t expect to visit, and see all that it has to offer.

5. Make a new friend while on assignment
If you’re on the shy side, try making a new friend while you’re on assignment! This will give you someone to talk to and spend time with outside of work, and can even be an adventure buddy! You two can go for a hike or try a new restaurant. When your assignment is over, stay in contact via social media, and maybe you two will find yourselves working together again!

6. Make it a point to explore new areas
When you get placed on a new assignment, don’t just go to work and go home. You’re in a new area and should see and enjoy all that it has to offer! Eat at new food spots, try an outdoor activity, or maybe just go around and take some pictures. Each area of the U.S. has something special to offer, so go out and explore!

7. Embrace change
There will be times in your life when things will not go according to plan. An assignment might be more challenging than you expected, or you might not land your dream assignment location. While these situations might seem disappointing, you can see them as lessons to become more adaptable and adventurous, which are two wonderful lessons to learn! Make 2018 the year where you learn to go with the ebb and flow of life.

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