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Your New Travel Nursing Assignment – Getting Situated

Getting situated in a new travel nursing assignment can be a nerve-wracking and stressful process. While your focus is always on patient care, being “the new nurse” can pose some unique challenges and frustrations.

Getting acclimated quickly is essential for a successful assignment.
Your ability to become quickly acclimated can depend on 3 main factors:

How you start your assignment.
Upon your arrival at your latest destination, get your bearings and learn the main roads – particularly those you will use to get to your assigned healthcare facility. Drive from your temporary housing to your assignment at least once prior to your first day, and leave early enough so that traffic won’t impact your ability to get to work on time.

You should have received an employment confirmation pack from your recruiter. The pack contains your assignment address, department, supervisor and contact information and all other human resources information. Review this information in depth before arriving for your first day on the job, and be sure to go to the right person and place upon your arrival.

How your employer prepares you.
Every healthcare facility has its own way of presenting an orientation to new employees. Some facilities provide a 1-day orientation, while others can provide up to a week of early support. If you are unsure what type of orientation is being provided for your new assignment, ask your recruiter. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help your transition go much more smoothly.

Orientations can include classroom-type instruction, with lessons on culture, ideals and values. They can also include more hands-on and in-depth training on proprietary computer systems and technology within the facility. During this last component, you’ll likely be working with another nurse to learn the basics – don’t be afraid to ask questions!

How well you build relationships.
Each travel nursing assignment is unique, and you’re likely to have questions outside of your formal orientation day(s). Your ability to build relationships with fellow nurses and professionals will be an essential component in your ability to become acclimated quickly.

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