Networking Tips for Travel Healthcare Professionals

As traveling nurses and therapists, you meet and work with a wide range of healthcare professionals. Each assignment provides another opportunity to expand your professional network, and make a long-lasting, positive impression.

Don’t waste networking opportunities presented to you on assignment.

Your career path presents an opportunity to develop an expansive professional network. One that can lead to additional assignments, or even full-time opportunities, down the road. Nurturing and maintaining those professional ties can provide a big boost to your career. Here are a few ways you can stay in touch:

Get connected on LinkedIn.
Many healthcare professionals are staying connected on the popular, professional-networking site LinkedIn. If you haven’t set up a profile, set one up today. And be sure to add as many former colleagues to your network as you can. You may have hundreds of people on your list – that’s okay. Take a few hours one evening and try to write down or list as many former colleagues as possible. Then, search for them on LinkedIn and connect! Once you’ve connected, be sure to add new colleagues as you meet them, and post regular updates or links to interesting articles in your field. You’ll stay relevant in their eyes, and at the top of their mind. And from time to time, a private LinkedIn message can also remind them of where you are in your career, and provide an opportunity for you to ask them for an update on their careers and facilities as well.

Send cards.
When you’re on assignment, get to know your colleagues. Try to remember birthdays and other important days. And when your assignment has concluded, send a personal card to celebrate. It will help keep you at the top of their minds, and it’s also just a nice thing to do!

Start a blog.
If you’ve connected with your former colleagues on LinkedIn, or other social media sites, why not start writing about your career endeavors on a blog? Try to avoid discussing any specifics about your assignments, as they can present liability issues and HIPPA concerns; however, share industry news, your perspectives on travel nursing…the opportunities are endless! Then, share your posts on social media sites. You’ll position yourself as a leader in your field, you’ll gain additional professional respect from your colleagues, and you’ll also have another opportunity to stay fresh in your colleagues minds, long after your assignment is over.

Need to expand your professional network?

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