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Nearing Retirement Age? Why You Should Consider Taking Your Career on the Road

As you get closer to retirement, you may be dreaming of all the things you’d like to see and do. Maybe you’re looking forward to having time to travel and experience more of what life offers. With travel nursing, you can do just that—and get paid at the same time! In fact, travel nursing is the perfect way for nurses to spend time on the road with a retired spouse, while saving extra money for retirement. But these aren’t the only reasons you should consider a gig as a travel RN.

If you’re an experienced nurse and looking for a change of pace, consider the following advantages of travel nursing for older nurses:

  • Set your schedule. You’ve put in plenty of time punching the clock and completing your shifts, month after month. Travel nurses experience a bit more freedom. Assignments last around 13 weeks, and you can accept as many or as few as you like! If you want to take a break for a few months in between placements—no problem!
  • Get paid to explore the country. Maybe you’re looking forward to visiting friends and family. Why not get paid to do that? You can accept placements in cities where your loved ones are and get together in your free time. Or, if you’re looking for a different type of travel, placements are available from sea to shining sea. You can visit the mountains, beaches, quaint towns or bustling cities of the U.S. and cross items off your bucket list. Who knows? Maybe through your travels, you’ll find a new place to set down roots in your golden years.
  • Meet new people. If you’re wondering why to become a travel nurse, know it helps you expand your social circle. Many people worry about fewer opportunities to make new friends and colleagues as they get older. But as a travel nurse, you can travel from city to city, making the acquaintance of other nurses, medical staff and patients.
  • Downsize. As they reach retirement age, many people find themselves overwhelmed with a house full of possessions. Well, by taking to the road in an RV or tiny home, you can get a jumpstart on downsizing. Being responsible for less stuff—and its storage, cleaning and maintenance—can be incredibly freeing. You might choose to stay in housing provided by your travel nurse staffing agency, or you can explore the country in an RV or tiny home—the choice is yours!
  • Retire in style. The cost of living increases every year. And if you’re worried you don’t have quite enough saved for retirement, travel nursing is a great employment option. You can put extra funds into the bank while you apply your career experience as a nurse to enrich the lives of patients in your care.

Are you ready?

If you have questions and would like to know more about travel nursing, it can help to speak with a recruiter. And MedPro Healthcare Staffing is one of the top travel nurse recruiters in the country. We work with our nurses to find placements in the best cities for travel nurses, plus we offer other benefits and perks to be sure each placement is your best yet. To learn more, contact MedPro today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.