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National Nurses Week: Showing Your Travel Nurses Your Appreciation

Are you ready for National Nurses Week 2017? From May 6–12, the U.S. celebrates the contributions and dedication of our nurses nationwide. This week is a perfect time to honor all your nursing staff, including your travel nurses. If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate National Nurses Week, check out this list of suggestions from MedPro Healthcare Staffing!


To say thanks to your nurses and celebrate this important week, consider any of the following:

  1. A catered meal. This could be a pancake breakfast or hot lunch, or even as simple as donuts and coffee. Just something to say, “Thanks for all you do.”
  2. Complimentary massages. Nurses are on their feet constantly during their shifts. Hiring a local massage business to set up and offer chair or foot massages is a great way to help your nurses kick back a bit during their breaks.
  3. A meaningful gift. Your kind words and a token of your appreciation can go a long way. Consider giving each nurse a handwritten note along with something they can use, like a travel mug, water bottle, custom T-shirt or gift card.
  4. Decorations! Making your hospital sparkle can add to the festivities of National Nurses Week. Balloons, flowers, streamers and banners at nurse’s stations can make the week more fun.
  5. Shout outs. If you have a bulletin board, intranet or employee newsletter, say thank you to your nurses during the week, and recognize a few who really stand out from the pack.

Your gratitude goes a long way

Nursing is a challenging job that adds so much to the healthcare world. Simply saying thanks can mean a lot to the hardworking nurses on your healthcare team!

How to find a travel nurse recruiter

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