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7 Common Myths About the Travel Healthcare Profession

As with many things that are not the norm, several myths regarding healthcare travelers have popped up over the years.

Read below for seven of these myths and for the truth regarding them.

  1. Myth: Since travelers are temporary, they’ll make less money than healthcare professionals who work for one facility. The Truth: Travelers actually can make more over the course of a year than their stay-put colleagues. Hourly wages and benefits typically are 15 or sometimes 20 percent higher than for permanent workers.
  2. Myth: You can kiss great benefits goodbye. The Truth: Your benefits (retirement, healthcare, disability, etc.) will more than likely be equal to – or even better than – the benefits you’ll receive with one employer.
  3. Myth: You’ll have to pay for your travel to and from your assignment location yourself. The Truth: Legitimate travel staffing services will pay (or provide a stipend) for your travel to and from your assignment location. There are some rules regarding this, but for the most part your travel expenses will be paid for.
  4. Myth: You’ll have to pay for a place to stay. The Truth: Again, legitimate travel staffing services will pay for (or give you a healthy stipend) a furnished apartment in a safe and comfortable location.
  5. Myth: You have to be single and child-free to work as a traveler. The Truth: It’s not as easy to be a traveler if you’re married and/or have children to take care of, but many travelers are married and many do have children. In fact, some travelers take their family/children with them to the assignment city. Others prefer to take on assignments that are less than a day’s drive away, or even just an hour or two away.
  6. Myth: You’ll be “jumping” from employer to employer and it will look as if you’re flakey and a job hopper. The Truth: Travelers don’t work for the hospital or medical facility; they work for the staffing service. As such, there is no “job hopping” because a traveler is working for just one (or perhaps two or three) services. In fact, because travelers are exposed to so many different facilities and pick up many new skills, and because of the flexibility a traveler is required to have and show on the job, working as a traveler can actually improve a healthcare professional’s CV/resume.
  7. Myth: You have to have at least five years of experience as a healthcare professional before a travel staffing service will look at you. The Truth: While most healthcare facilities want you to have at least one or preferably two years of experience under your belt (you need to be able to hit the ground running on an assignment, after all), you don’t need to have years of experience. One (or two) should do.

The fact is that working as a traveler is a great way to earn more money, grow your skills, serve patients all over the country, make new friends, and so much more. If you’ve ever thought about working as a healthcare traveler, give MedPro Healthcare Staffing a call; we’d love to answer any and all questions you may have.