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Must-Read Books for Travel Nurses

If you’re currently serving patients as a travel nurse – or if you’re thinking of becoming one – here are some books we’ve found that we feel will be of interest and value to you.

Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing, by Shalon Weddington, was updated in 2010 from Weddington’s previous edition of the book (written under the name Shalon Kearney in 2002).

The book is a resource and career guide written by a traveling veteran. Weddington offers her 10 years of experience as an RN traveler, providing practical advice and tips. She offers self-assessment quizzes (is travel nursing really for you?), tips, financial and tax strategies, and even a listing of 70 traveling staffing services.

Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012, by Epstein LaRue. This book is the fourth in LaRue’s Highway Hypodermics series. It aims to answer questions that nurses thinking of becoming travelers may have, such as: qualifications needed, how to find a travel staffing service that “fits” your style, what to expect once on assignment, how to keep track of your finances, tax issues/benefits, and more.

Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing in a Nutshell, by Michele Angell Landrum, offers a good base of information that will help RNs thinking about exploring a career as a traveler. Landrum, an experienced nursing traveler, offers tips on how to become a traveler, how to negotiate assignment contracts, how to increase your pay and improve benefits, how to be well-prepared for your assignments, as well as information on state boards of nursing.

Travel Nurse Insights: A Window to the World of Travel Nursing, by Barry Padgett and Donna Padgett, is full of information from this husband and wife travel nursing team. They’ve worked as travelers for almost a decade and have enjoyed assignments across the country, east to west, north to south. They tout it as an “insight” into what it really takes to be successful as a traveler.

For a take on travel nursing from the recruiter’s side, take a look at The Truth About Travel Nursing, by Kyle Schmidt, a former travel healthcare recruiter. The book gives advice about comparing travel services – as well as their compensation packages – so that you can choose the best situation for your needs and situation.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? If so, what did you think of them; were they valuable? Are there other books you’d recommend for travelers?

Whether you’re an experienced RN traveler or you’re exploring this exciting healthcare career option, contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to answering any and all questions you may have!