MedPro Workforce Solutions


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MedPro Workforce Solutions 

MedPro is the only Managed Service Provider with its own proprietary supply of highly qualified healthcare professionals. MedPro’s recruitment of foreign-trained healthcare professionals supplements our traditional US travel workforce and provides a unique supply of qualified and reliable nurses, therapists and MedTechs.


  • Higher productivity
  • Lower contingent labor costs
  • Higher fill rates & assignment completion rates
  • Less orientation time
  • Flexibility to extend & fill core staff positions


MedPro Workforce Solutions offer many other benefits:

Quality Control

MedPro will present you only qualified candidates who meet or exceed all MedPro and client-specific requirements.  Our state-of-the-art electronic credentialing process promotes candidate convenience, credentialing efficiency, and ongoing compliance.


  • Improved quality & patient satisfaction
  • Standardized credentialing
  • Greater continuity of care


MedPro’s technology solution is called SureStaff, a name that reflects our confidence in filling your clients’ needs. SureStaff is powered by b4health, the leader in vendor management systems.


  • Reduced administration
  • More time to focus on core strategy
  • Standardized and streamlined processes
  • System-wide visibility and reporting
  • Standardized time keeping

Program Management

MedPro will work closely with all your stakeholders to identify and document specific needs, configure and test processes, and conduct user training and follow-up. Success comes from a team approach to all aspects of the program, from implementation through fulfillment, and includes regular and ad hoc client communications.


  • Reliable value-add partner
  • One point of contact
  • Dedicated team with accountability
  • Eliminate “rogue” spending

For more information on MedPro Workforce Solutions please contact Scott Stone, Vice President – Workforce Solutions 954.228.7312