Welcome to MedPro University

MedPro recognizes the need for the continuous professional development of its employees.shutterstock_284597081

MedProU IELTS – MedProU offers UNLIMITED learning experiences including continuing education, exam preparation, profession-specific short and long-term courses, staff development programs, clinical development and skill acquisition internships

The department employs seasoned educators experienced in their specific professions and clinical fields. MedProU offers its educational programs through various delivery modes, including; live-classroom, web-assisted, home-based, individualized and small group coaching, new-medprou-logoand clinical preceptorships.

The following are just a few of the courses offered through MedProU.

  • Critical Care Internship Program
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • IELTS training & preparation
  • TOEFL training & preparation
  • NCLEX on-line classes
  • NCLEX home-based correspondence course
  • NCLEX-live class
  • NPTE web-based program
  • NPTE live classroom program
  • NPTE live classroom program
  • Interviewing skills & resume preparation

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