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MedPro Therapist Nadine Kwebetchou named 2011 Emerging Leader

MedPro Staffing strives to provide the very best Therapists, Nurses, Pharmacist’s and Allied professionals to our clients nationwide. It was with great pride that we learned our traveling occupational therapist, Nadine Kwebetchou MS, OTR/L, was named a 2011 Emerging Leader with The American Occupational Therapy Association. Nadine was interviewed by Healthcare Traveler Magazine recently in regards to treating patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

During her first and current assignment as a traveling therapist in Palo Alto, Calif. with MedPro Staffing, Kwebetchou worked with Ryan, a patient who suffered a traumatic brain injury, had a crippled body, and was declared legally blind after a piece of steel fell on top of him at work. Ryan had physical pain — “everything, everything, everything hurt,” says Kwebetchou — as well as impaired coordination skills.

With patients like Ryan, Kwebetchou will work on bedside treatments: lifting their arms so they can wash their faces and brush their teeth; sitting up on the side of the bed so they can dress themselves; or moving from the bed to a chair. She may repeat these activities several times if their brains aren’t sending the right signals to their muscle groups. “You may have to find another technique that can work best for that person,” she says.

As a traveling occupational therapist, Kwebetchou’s biggest challenge is adapting to the resources that are available at and near each facility. For example, businesses and recreational facilities are a big resource for her. She takes her clients to the mall across the street, where they work on shopping while either adapting to a wheelchair or standing while reaching for items on a shelf. She also takes them to a nearby park so they can practice being a part of the community again.

As a student, Kwebetchou interned at a military veterans’ hospital in Baltimore, since then she has volunteered and worked in several different settings. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Nadine and to help her explore the United States while providing the best possible patient care!

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