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MedPro Reacts to Pandemic Staffing Surges

MedPro Reacts to Pandemic Staffing Surges

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is the main topic of concern in healthcare worldwide, testing the readiness of healthcare facilities across the U.S. As this pandemic continues to evolve and healthcare professionals across the nation grapple with its impact, MedPro Healthcare staffing is working without interruption to provide support, content, and resources to our nurses and allied professionals on assignment. While the outbreak of COVID-19 has been the most threatening global health risk in decades, we’re here to reassure you there is no higher priority to our entire MedPro family than the safety of our healthcare professionals on assignment.


Monetary Support

MedPro upholds its unwavering commitment to our current explorers, and the healthcare professionals prepared to join our workforce. As a primary response to COVID-19, we have taken measures to develop and ensure financial support for our healthcare professionals who become infected by the disease. If you are exposed to COVID-19 while on assignment with MedPro and are required to quarantine, MedPro will keep you financially whole. The MedPro aid will come in the form of payment for guaranteed hourly wages, meal stipends, and lodging stipends while away from home, pending return to work for up to 14 days.


MedPro’s CEO, Liz Tonkin, says, “As a nurse of more than 40 years, there is nothing more critical to the entire MedPro family and me than the safety and well-being of our travel nurses and allied professionals. I deeply respect their professional dedication and will continue to provide them with benefits and financial support through this trying time.” 


Self-care Resources 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern regarding the anticipated toll the virus may take on the healthcare industry, particularly for the nurses caring for infected patients. Self-care is more critical than ever for healthcare workers. MedPro encourages utilizing mental health resources to help manage the added professional and personal stress onset by the COVID-19 outbreak. 


What’s Next?

At MedPro, we understand it’s challenging times like these that the power of medicine and those who practice it are needed most. As a leading healthcare organization, we are monitoring COVID-19 updates daily, and our leadership team is taking proactive steps to ensure our all our employees remain safe and feel supported during this time. 


Let us be Your Guide

MedPro is committed to providing quality nurses and allied professionals in each healthcare facility we staff throughout the country. Part of caring for our nurses includes The MedPro Experience®, a personalized employee engagement program that embraces and celebrates you and your career. To learn more about this unique and exciting offering, contact us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply here!