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MedPro Healthcare Staffing Unveils New Freestyle Rewards Program, The Purple Circle

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is pleased to announce the rollout of its brand-new freestyle rewards program, The Purple Circle, which puts our ‘Explorers’ in the driver’s seat in deciding how to be rewarded while on assignment with MedPro.

You already know about the great benefits that you get in joining our MedPro family, via The MedPro Experience, like Warm Welcome gifts, Magic Moment gifts, bi-monthly recognition gifts and birthday presents, but now you decide how you will be rewarded for each subsequent assignment.

That’s right, you will have one of two options beginning with your second assignment as you will automatically be enrolled in The Purple Circle. You can opt for ‘Show Me the Love’ or ‘Show Me the Money’.

In selecting ‘Show Me the Love’, you will continue to receive personalized gifts over the course of your assignment, whereas if you pick ‘Show Me the Money’, we will send you a $150 electronic gift card upon completion of your assignment.

At MedPro, we know each of our valued Explorers has a unique taste and preference when it comes to being rewarded for their hard work. This freestyle rewards program will allow us to honor them in many different ways, which is why The MedPro Experience is unlike any other in the industry.

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