Sunrise, Florida, September 26, 2017 – MedPro Healthcare Staffing announced today its full support for the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act.

On July 20, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner introduced the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act to keep healthcare facilities across America staffed with enough healthcare professionals, despite the increasing nursing shortage affecting the country.

The bill would amend the current Immigration and Nationality Act and allow up to 8,000 temporary work visas to be allocated to foreign-trained nurses.

Liz Tonkin, CEO of MedPro Healthcare Staffing, said, “We are committed to helping healthcare facilities across the nation staff highly trained and reliable nurses to provide outstanding patient care to people across the country. We share Rep. Sensenbrenner’s belief that each person in America is deserving of world-class patient care, however, the nursing shortage is a serious issue that is looming over the country’s ability to do just this.”

The nursing shortage in the country is alarming, and the deficit of nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals is detrimental to America’s ability to provide excellent patient care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there will be nearly 1.2 million vacancies for registered nurses between 2014 and 2022.

Tonkin said, “Rep. Sensenbrenner’s bill highlights the important role foreign-trained nurses play in the American healthcare system. These healthcare professionals are compassionate, highly-skilled, and incredibly hardworking. We support the notion that more temporary work visas should be issued to close the gap between the number of patients who need excellent care, and the decreasing number of nurses and other healthcare professionals.”

It is required for all foreign-trained nurses who enter to U.S. to have proper licensure, speak fluent English and have training and education that is equivalent to that of an American nurse.

Patty Jeffrey, Vice President of International Operations at MedPro said, “The Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act is crucial to helping the country meet patient needs and ensure that every person in America receives the care they deserve.”

“The current visa backlog is causing a dire shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals, which is unfair to Americans who need quality healthcare,” said Jeffrey. “We are not asking for more visas in total, but rather, a new allocated number of existing visas to be given solely to healthcare professionals. This bill is necessary.”

The Sensenbrenner bill does not call for an increase in the number of total visas available to foreign-trained workers. Instead, it allocates 8,000 of the existing total amount solely for foreign-trained healthcare professionals in critical needs categories to help fill the needs of health facilities across the country.

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