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Finding Time to Clear the Mind During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maintaining a sound mind and body can certainly be difficult during a pandemic. Finding time to ‘treat yourself’ can seem like a lost cause, especially for frontline essential workers who are working around the clock. If you can find 10-15 minutes of free time to incorporate a quick workout or a time of reflection and meditation, it can be vital to promote stability in your life. Two ways to help achieve this is in carving out a space for exercise or meditation at home or work.

Creating Your Own Unique Workout Space

There are plenty of benefits in working out at home. For healthcare professionals, the convenience of having a space where you can workout where you already are is so convenient. Efficiency comes into play as you are able to exercise and then turnaround and get ready for work, while it also will help convert your mentality of it serving as a ‘chore’ to more of a lifestyle choice.

Make sure you this new space does not disrupt your everyday lifestyle. Account for space and measure accordingly because this is your castle and where you hang your hat at night. So, designating an area as the new home gym is important so that you do not opt to have it located in an area of your home that will essentially disrupt the flow of traffic and be an eye sore too. Think of carving out a spot in the living room, converting a second room or even applying it to the garage, if applicable.

The Benefits of Yoga

It is no secret that our valuable essential workers, specifically frontline nurses, and allied professionals, are working extremely hard to combat the ongoing virus in high-stress environments, around-the-clock. If you find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night, that does not come as a surprise. If you can find the time for Yoga, of which you only need a minimum of 15 minutes, it may help you fall asleep faster and more efficiently.

There are obviously numerous benefits to incorporating yoga into your daily routines, but the pertinent one here is in helping ward off insomnia and improving the duration of sleep.

Yoga focuses on deep breathing, connecting with said breathing and body movements, but also in helping you find rewarding self-acceptance. Each movement and breathing technique are affecting your body and mind in a plethora of ways, all benefiting you in the long run.

The best part about it is that you can plug yoga into your daily schedules, including right before bed, in the comfort of your own home. You can also opt for classes with colleagues and peers. However, being a sceptic will keep you sleepless on most nights.

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