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MedPro Launches Innovative Employee Experience Program

Sunrise, FL- 09.01.2016 – MedPro Healthcare Staffing announced today the launch of The MedPro Experience, a personalized employee experience program that embraces and celebrates its mobile workforce of dedicated travel healthcare professionals and their The-MedPro-Experience-Girl-2pursuit of rewarding career experiences.

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is one of the nation’s leading travel healthcare agencies that provide temporary and contract staffing services to healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

The MedPro Experience program consists of a number of integrated programs that provide its healthcare professionals with memorable and rewarding experiences as they adventure out to travel assignments across the US.

“Creating an employee-focused culture is key for MedPro. Our travel nurses and allied professionals provide a unique service and we feel they deserve unique treatment. We want our dedicated and hard-working professionals to feel a part of our team and to enjoy a sense of pride when working with MedPro.  The MedPro Experience will offer exceptional work and travel experiences that strengthen relationships with our healthcare professionals,” said Liz Tonkin, President of MedPro Healthcare Staffing.

Tonkin explained that The MedPro Experience reflects the company’s dedication to excellence. All MedPro staff members have been trained to deliver excellent customer experience. “Naturally, there’s more to exceptional service than training,” Tonkin continued. “The MedPro Experience team will assure that we do all we can to create memorable and rewarding experiences for our healthcare professionals.”

MedPro Healthcare Staffing has built its MedPro Experience team with individuals from the hospitality industry.

The MedPro Experience embraces the unique nature of temporary healthcare staffing by recognizing and celebrating all the positives that can come from new assignments, new locations, new experiences, and new friends.  Under the MedPro Experience, healthcare professionals are known as “Explorers”, while supporting staff members are referred to as “Guides”.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be implementing The MedPro Experience,” said Stacey Edwards, Director of The MedPro Experience. “My team and I have put tremendous thought and care into the development of this program, which we view as a way to appreciate, celebrate and reward those who work hard every single day taking care of others.”

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