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Connecting with Like-Minded Travel “Tweeps”

Working as a traveler offers you the chance to connect with many people as you travel to different hospitals or healthcare facilities.

But you may not be able to connect with your colleagues to the depth you’d like during your short-term assignment.

Social media such as Twitter can help you stay in touch with past colleagues and also expand your professional network.

Read below for tips on how to expand your Twitter network.

  • Look for the names of people you know and follow them. They’ll often follow you back as a matter of course.
  • Twitter actually makes this very easy for you. Go to the “Who to Follow” tab at the top of Twitter’s menu and then click on “Friends.” Choose your email provider and/or your network on LinkedIn, and Twitter will identify your contacts so that you’ll be able to follow them.
  • Speaking of followers, follow the experts in your field. Look for those individuals in your field who have a lot of followers themselves and aim to interact with them. The idea is to engage in conversation with them and some of their followers. It may take a while to get a response from someone who has a lot of followers, but if you regularly comment, re-tweet their comments, etc., you should grab their attention. If you add something to the conversation, they’ll soon enough start “tweeting” to/with you. This could happen much faster than you think.
  • When on assignment, tweet about it. That is, place the hashtag symbol (#) in front of the name of your facility (#CedarsSinai, for example) and others who are tweeting about the Los Angeles-area hospital will see it and perhaps comment as well.
  • You also can do the same when attending a conference, seminar or CE program.
  • Re-tweet the messages of those you follow. Many folks will follow those who re-tweet their posts.
  • Patience truly is a virtue when it comes to growing your Twitter following. Engage with your followers and those you’re following regularly (you should spend at least 10-15 minutes a day on Twitter). Your influence and the number of your followers will grow exponentially if you do so.
  • Remember the 80-20 rule. If you’re looking to grow your professional network, most of your tweets should be professional in nature (the 80 percent). The remainder could – and really should be – of a more personal bent.

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