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3 Things Every Healthcare & Medical Resume Should Include

You only have a few seconds to catch a hiring manager’s attention with your resume when they are thumbing though the stacks. It is critical that you have the correct information on your resume to stand out in a healthcare job search. When putting together a healthcare travel resume, there are three things you should be sure to include:

  1. Your Professional Medical Affiliations
    Membership in professional associations shows that you take your healthcare profession very seriously. It shows that you maintain knowledge of current issues within your field, that you want to improve your knowledge and skills, and that you care about the future of your profession. Because there are thousands of professional associations available to join, not being a member of any is a red flag to an employer.
  1. Medical Licenses & Certifications You Hold
    Make sure you provide your degree and license type. For example, a nurse would place something such as: RN, licensing state/body, your name on the license (if it’s different from your current name), the expiration date of the license, and the license number. Licensing is especially critical for travelers because the more states in which you’re licensed, the more flexibility you’ll have regarding assignments. (If you’re not licensed in a state where you want to work, your travel staffing service can help you acquire the license. The operative word here is “help”: it’s up to you to get the license, not the staffing service.) As for your certifications, place the certification name first, followed by the certifying body, the expiration date (or date you received the certification, if it has no expiration date).
  1. Details About Your Specific Experience In The Healthcare Field
    Include the particulars about day-to-day aspects of the positions you’ve held in the past. What types of patients were under your care? Did you work primarily with patients with chronic conditions or acute conditions? What about certain types of equipment? The more specific you can be regarding our day-to-day duties and skills, the better.

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