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Make Your ‘Work Travel’ Work for You

As a travel nurse or allied professional potentially relocating every 13 weeks from coast to coast, this is a unique profession that requires a lot of travel.  However, what if all your work travel could help you take the vacation of your dreams for free?  The ability to earn points or miles while on assignment that can be redeemed for personal travel is one of the most under used perks of travel nursing.

Here are 4 tips to help you earn more and go farther by making your ‘work travel’ work for you.

1. Get the Right Cards & Use Them Right.

Credit cards are the single most rewarding source of points and miles available today.  Several credit cards like the American Express Platinum card offer huge bonuses upwards of 50,000 points or miles (or more) simply for signing up.  In addition, many credit cards create bonus spending categories that allow you to earn multiple points or miles for each dollar spent on everyday purchases like groceries, dining, or utilities.

However, just earning points or miles is not enough; you need to evaluate what are the right rewards for you.  Are you looking to fly somewhere amazing?  Is a weekend getaway at a beautiful hotel what you need?  Do you simply want cash back?  It is important to make sure you are using credit cards that help you earn points or miles that will get you where or what you want.

Once you have selected the right cards for you based on what rewards you want, you must use these cards right.  These rewards only benefit you, if you are paying off your credit card bill each month.  Otherwise, you are paying interest on purchases just for the sake of earning points or miles which doesn’t make much financial sense.  As a helpful tip, use your credit card for purchases you would normally pay by check, debit, or cash and then pay the credit card off each month.  This way you are earning every point or mile available, but not spending any additional money on fees.

2. Sign Up, Join All.

The idea here is to sign up for every hotel, airline, and travel rewards program you can especially since they are free to join.  You don’t need to sign up for all of them right this second, but the first time you stay at a hotel, take a flight, or rent a car you should sign up for the company’s rewards program to ensure you earn points or miles from day one.

Most airlines and hotel chains offer special perks and promotions to their loyalty members.  To take advantage of these added benefits, try to be a repeat customer by flying the same airline or staying at the same hotel chain whenever possible.

As a travel nurse sometimes your agency will book and pay for your flight, hotel, and/or transportation depending on the assignment.  However, when you check-in for your flight, hotel, or transportation you should always associate your rewards number to ensure you are earning points or miles even for those purchases you do not directly pay for.

3. Dine Out to Earn Big.

Dining out tends to become the norm for most travel nurses and allied professionals especially when starting a new assignment.  Why not get rewarded for all of these meals?  Several airlines such as American Airlines offer enrollment in free dining rewards networks for you to earn miles simply by dining out.  Once you are signed up and have associated the allowed number of credit & debit cards to your account, whenever you dine at a restaurant included in the network and use one of your associated cards, you earn miles.

These dining rewards networks help you to earn miles much faster by allowing you to “double-dip” by earning miles through your credit card as well as though the dining program.  Essentially “double-dipping” means you can earn points or miles from multiple sources on the same transaction.  For example, if you enrolled in the American Airlines Dining Program and associated your American Airlines credit card, whenever you ate at a restaurant in the network using this credit card, you would earn American Airline miles both through the dining program and the purchase on your credit card bringing that dream trip even closer to reality.

4. Being Social Pays.

Airlines and hotels have found a way to embrace social media marketing by offering bonuses and promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  You can earn a few extra points or miles simply by “liking” a particular post on Facebook or entering an Instagram contest with a prize of a few thousand points or miles.  In addition, these companies now offer incentives to people with points or miles for signing up for newsletters, downloading smartphone apps, and checking in or tagging their location on social media platforms.  Airlines and hotels value customers sharing their experiences with others and are willing to reward you for doing it.

There are so many ways to earn points or miles while on a travel assignment from everyday purchases to being “Social”.  Start taking advantage of these opportunities to earn points or miles today by beginning your career with MedPro Healthcare Staffing and you will be on your way to the trip of a lifetime courtesy of your work travel!  Call us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply here.