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Make Your Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home—Without Breaking the Bank

Travel nursing and therapy positions offer exciting career flexibility, with opportunities to explore new cities and regions during your assignments. Still, it can be difficult to feel at “home,” knowing you’ll only be spending a few months in a particular apartment or condo.

Temporary Spaces Don’t Have to Feel So…Temporary!

Enrich your time in new spaces by adding these personal touches:

  • Hang pictures on the wall.
    Don’t leave walls bare in your new, temporary abode – use that wall space to show some personality. Mix a variety of prints and sizes, with unique frames from big box retailers or consignment shops. Frames are an extremely affordable accessory, and your personal photographs or images will immediately make you feel more at “home.” If your landlord doesn’t approve of holes in the walls, use removable, temporary hanging strips, which can be purchased for a few dollars at drugstores or other large chains.
  • Avoid huge plastic bins for storage.
    While it can be very easy to toss items into big, plastic bins for easy access, they give off a sterile, cold feeling. Pick up affordable wicker baskets for storage, and place any items that aren’t immediately needed in a closet. Packing unwanted things out of sight, and needed items in warmer, more personalized baskets, will help you feel at ease and comfortable in your new, temporary home.
  • Add some plants.
    Bring some greenery into your new accommodations. Not only will they add a feeling of hominess and warmth, they have an added health benefit. Are you missing your green thumb? The calming and relaxing effects of plants aren’t limited to ones needing a great deal of upkeep. Pick up a small cactus or bamboo plants, which can be found at many grocery stores or malls. They are affordable, and caring for these plants is nearly kill-proof!
  • Accent with fabric.
    Fabric comes in a seemingly limitless number of options, and can be extremely affordable (check weekly circulars for discount coupons for many craft stores). Sewing up some simple pillows can add an affordable, personal touch to your space. Or, you can make or buy a slipcover for your furniture – another way to add some personal warmth to the space (if your temporary apartment doesn’t include furniture, you can also pick up some consignment furniture and personalize in this way). If you’re not comfortable sewing, there are also simple, needle-free ways to make homemade blankets, another way to add some warmth and personalization to your space.
  • Keep it simple.
    Although many people enjoy decorating for various holidays, it’s best to keep your décor simple in your temporary home. Trying to rotate for the holidays can be time-consuming and overwhelming. And leaving old holiday decorations around the house can be downright depressing. Keeping a simple, comfortable style will result in a much more pleasant living arrangement.

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