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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out as a Foreign-Trained Healthcare Professional

If you’re looking to put together a resume that makes you stand out of the crowd, then you need to make sure you include the following five components. There are a lot of other foreign-trained professionals looking to make their American Dream come true, so how will you show that you are different?

The key is actually pretty simple: Pay close attention to your details and accomplishments!

1. Be sure all of your contact information is correct
There is nothing worse than submitting your resume and having a very important piece of contact information be wrong. Remember, recruiters need to be able to contact you about job opportunities and the application process, so be sure to double-check your phone number, email address and other contact information on both your resume and application before submitting!

2. Be sure to list out your relevant experience
While you might have a lot of different skills to offer, think about what role you are applying for and then tailor your resume to show that you excel in these skills. If you are applying for an ICU nurse position, be sure to highlight the skills you have working in this specialty.

3. Talk about your education and training
Did you attend a great nursing school or get to do some hands-on training? Be sure to include this! This is great information especially for new grads looking to stand out, but do not have a ton of professional experience at the moment. This shows that you really want to be given the opportunity to work in the U.S. and gain more experience in your profession!

4. Highlight your accomplishments
Did you win any kind of award? Pass a course and get a certificate? If you have accomplished something related to your field that you feel very proud of, be sure to list it and show that you excel at what you do!

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