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Love It or Hate It, Here Comes Valentine’s Day!

It’s February, and that means it’s time for yet another Valentine’s Day! Get ready to break out the corny poems and Hallmark cards, buy some candy, specifically chocolates, and channel your inner botanist, via a bouquet of flowers.

However, the holiday is actually not just a day to celebrate love, but also marks a passage in welcoming spring and new, positive changes. Traditionally, it also honors St. Valentine, of which, there are three-different stories, about three different men, but all ending in tragedy. The most popular telling is that of the priest, Valentine, who served under Emperor Claudius II of Rome, in the third century. Under Roman law, if you were a member of the legion, you were not allowed to marry, as it was seen as a distraction. Valentine recognized this as an unfair law and agreed to wed soldiers in privacy. When he was convicted for breaking the law, he was condemned to death by the emperor.

There are also other varying stories as to why the holiday falls on this day, like in the Middle Ages, when both England and France noticed migration and mating patterns of birds, thus marking the day as one of love, or as the day before Lupercalia, a fertility festival, recognized in Pagan rituals.

More modern times recognize it as a day in which we feel required to buy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or flowers for our significant others. Whichever way you decide to observe it, the holiday is still celebrated, annually, on February 14.

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow (And Let Your Arrow Go)

The character is universally recognizable and associated with the holiday, no matter where you live. Cupid is the son of Venus, who is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. According to Roman mythology, Cupid fires golden-tipped arrows which causes both humans and gods, alike, to fall madly in love.

Chances are, because of his love-creating capabilities, you will find the cherub on each-and-every holiday card, boxes of candy and various other gifts.

Valentine’s Day in the Times of COVID-19

The pandemic is going to cause a lot of restaurants and event sites to abide by strict social distancing rules, causing reservations to fill up fast. The good news is, with everything we have readily available at a tap on our phones, there are some ideas to remain responsible and still be romantic.

  1. Movie Night
    1. This one was obvious. Whether you stream something on one of the numerous platforms you have access to, or order one via PPV, there is definitely something to watch with your significant other.
  2. Meal Delivery
    1. There are many options, like Instacart or Uber Eats, that you can utilize in having a well-cooked meal delivered in a timely manner. That takes one less task off the table.
  3. Virtual Class
    1. Options are endless here as well, as there are classes available to join in making cocktails, meals, like Blue Apron, or desserts. You can also order drink/meal-making kits, like Cocktail Courier, from sites as well.
  4. Virtual Tasting
    1. Winos, rejoice! You can join a wine-tasting experience, which will ship six bottles to you and it even includes a tutorial as well, like via In Good Taste. You can also link up with other couples and friends on a Zoom call, coordinate which wines to taste, and make it a group outing too!
  5. Video Games
    1. Gaming isn’t just for single players anymore. It’s 2021 and couples that game together, stay together. A few options include investing in a Nintendo Switch, which features numerous games of varying tastes, so there’s a game for everyone.

Some other options include, pampering each other, making desserts (The Innocent Baker) together, hosting a disco night, which could involve some smart lights and a new Bluetooth speaker, playing some ‘romantic’ tabletop board or card games, like Off Topic, Twister and, for the extreme couples, Exploding Kittens, or try crafting something together, via a home pottery kit, thanks to companies like, Crockd.

How to Share the Love and Thank Healthcare Professionals

You don’t have to be dating a healthcare professional to show them some love. Try stopping by and delivering treats or flowers to show your appreciation for all they do for us, especially coming off such a difficult year and during the continued battle versus COVID-19. You can also send a virtual ‘thank you’ card to our valued travel nurses and allied professionals, courtesy of the United Way.

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