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Looking to Hire Travel RNs for Your Facility? Here Are Several Tips to Keep in Mind

Travel nurses are key team members to help you supplement your healthcare staff. They’ll help you maintain patient coverage during times of transition, increased caseloads, or full-time staff leaves of absence—all the while maintaining a high level of patient care and satisfaction. This is why finding the right travel nurses for your facility is very important. And you can easily do just that by following a few strategies. Here’s what you need to know.

Finding and hiring travel RNs

You can round out your healthcare staff with the most highly qualified, well-matched travel RNs by following these steps:

  • Work with a niche staffing agency. First and foremost, your best—and fastest—option to find the travel nurses you need is to partner with a reputable staffing agency that specializes in this niche. Recruiters will be able to understand your staffing needs and work with you to find the best-matched travel nurses from a deep talent pool of both active and passive candidates. Plus, your recruiter will handle much of the busy work involved—from locating to screening and even onboarding. You’ll need to check with your staffing agency to determine which staffing services they provide.
  • Plan ahead. To maintain a full nursing staff, it’s a good idea to forecast your needs as far into the future as possible. The more lead time you can provide to a travel staffing agency (or give yourself, if you decide to go it alone), the more opportunity you’ll have to find the best possible travel RNs for your facility.
  • Write a detailed job description. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be more likely to find it. So including plenty of information in a job description—either posted or provided to a recruiter—will help you locate travel nurses best suited to your open job opportunities. This includes a clear description of roles, responsibilities, case load, type of facility, qualifications, etc.
  • Be quick with your screening and interviewing. You’ll want to make sure your travel RN candidates don’t get scooped up by another employer, so it’s best not to procrastinate with your hiring process. A staffing agency can also help with this—you’ll be able to find, screen, interview and hire travel nurses accurately and efficiently.
  • Conduct telephone interviews. This is a tried-and-true method to screen candidates quickly and easily from all over the country. You’ll be able to pull travel nurses from a broader pool, so you’ll increase your options for best-matched candidates.
  • Look for the right qualities. Travel nurses need to be adaptable, open-minded fast learners. As you interview, look for candidates who are bright, upbeat and have the spirit of a team player.

Are you in the market for a travel RN?

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