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Can I work as a travel nurse or travel therapist in my own city?

A seemingly essential component of a career in travel nursing or therapy is – travel! Yet, for some travel healthcare professionals, maybe the idea of traveling far from home isn’t ideal. They like the flexibility of a travel position, but would rather stay close to friends and family at home. The disruptions of your everyday life that are required working as a travel nurse just aren’t appealing to you.

Travel nursing doesn’t have to take you to far-away places.

One of the great things about travel nursing and therapy is that traveling professionals are in demand everywhere…including, most likely, right in your hometown! Healthcare facilities across the country are looking for qualified, talented travel healthcare professionals like you, and it doesn’t matter where you live. As a matter of fact, you may be even more desirable for healthcare facilities in your hometown, because you:

Won’t need time to get to know the area.
You already know the ins and outs of living in your area, so you’ll need less time to get situated, and start helping patients.

Understand local health trends.
If there’s a flu pandemic in your area, or other area-specific medical situation, you are more desirable to local healthcare facilities, because you’re in-the-know, and are ready to make an impact.

You have relationships with other local healthcare professionals.
When you take travel healthcare positions in your hometown, chances are you will know, or be familiar with, other healthcare professionals in your facility. These will help to ease your transition further, and a better team environment can ultimately lead to better patient care.

Cost healthcare facilities less.
Because you’ll be living at home, the cost and time-burden of searching for accommodations is removed (Although you may still get a living stipend for your assignment. Contact your recruiter for specific details).

Just because you’re interested in staying within driving distances doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the flexibility and independence of a travel nursing or healthcare career. And if you’re interested in travel nursing opportunities in your backyard, contact MedPro.