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Is Your Spouse Thinking of Becoming a Traveling Healthcare Professional? 6 Things to Know.

If you work in one of the healthcare professions, one career path you can take is that of a traveling medical professional. This can be an exciting and interesting career choice because you are always experiencing something new and different, as well as getting the opportunity to see different geographical areas.

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But it has its challenges as well. If you are married, it presents issues for your spouse, who may have a career of his or her own. So, naturally, there are things you need to work out. If you are married to a healthcare professional who has an interest in traveling, there are a few things you should know about the job and what it involves. For example:

  1. Assignments are usually 13 weeks long. Your spouse will be away for a little more than three months. Keep in mind assignments can be extended depending on the circumstances and the need.
  2. Traveling healthcare professionals can bring family along. Healthcare staffing agencies will work with you and your spouse to find housing that is acceptable to everyone. In some places, there are housing complexes available, reserved specifically for travelers with families. If these options are not to your liking, the recruiter can work with you and your spouse to find suitable rental accommodations.
  3. There is complete freedom with assignments. In other words, your spouse can take an assignment only when he or she wants to. There is no minimum number required. He or she can take assignments one right after the other, or just once a year, whatever is his or her choice.
  4. Travel assignments are everywhere. You and your spouse can go anywhere you like. So, if there is a particular place you would like to see, your spouse can work to get an assignment there.
  5. Benefits are generous. Traveling healthcare professionals get health, dental and vision insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, and tuition reimbursement.
  6. The staffing agency can help you with questions. Leading travel healthcare staffing companies such as MedPro have experienced recruiters who are skilled in placing healthcare professionals in travel assignments across the country. The recruiters will work with you and your spouse to answer any questions you have to make sure your move to a new assignment will be as easy and hassle free as possible.

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