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Is your spouse a traveling healthcare professional?

Being a traveling nurse or therapist can be an amazing opportunity. From outstanding pay, to the chance to learn new specialties, to being able to visit new and exciting places, traveling healthcare can be very rewarding.

At the same time, traveling can present some challenges—especially when you’re the spouse of a traveler. Here are a few tips to help make travel healthcare a great option for both the traveler, and the spouse:

Know ahead of time what you’re getting into.
As we mentioned, travel healthcare is exciting. But with it comes change. Before you decide on travel healthcare as a career choice, make sure both partners agree on this lifestyle.

Make decisions together.
When choosing the next assignment, sit down together and talk about the pros and cons of different locations. Openly communicate and make sure you both agree on the next move.

Use technology.
As a spouse, if you’re not traveling with your partner on every assignment, use technology. Services like Skype, Google+ and iPhone FaceTime are even better than just talking on the phone each day.

Choose a career that lets you work virtually.
With business becoming more global, there are many careers that allow you to work virtually. This lets you maintain your professional life and enjoy all the benefits of traveling and seeing new places.

Choose destinations with family and friends.
Select locations in which you have old friends and family. This will allow you to enjoy the time while your spouse is on assignment—instead of feeling alone in a new place.

We hope you find these tips helpful! Whether you’re a current traveler looking for a new opportunity, or you and your spouse are ready to consider travel healthcare, call MedPro. We have a variety of outstanding job opportunities available. Search our travel healthcare assignments today.