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Five Signs that Travel Pharmacy is Right for You

Are you satisfied with your current pharmacy job? If you’re considering a job switch but aren’t sure yet what you’d like to do, travel pharmacy may be a good fit. With a position as a travel pharmacist, you can travel all over the globe for work, possibly enjoy a higher rate of pay, and even bring your family and pets along with you. If you possess certain qualities, this may be a clue that travel pharmacy is right for you.

Were you born to be a travel pharmacist?

Possibly yes! Do the following qualities describe you?

  • You have the “travel bug.” Are you someone who loves to experience the sights, sounds and culture of new places? Then why not travel for work? Travel pharmacists can accept assignments throughout the country—or even the world. Instead of waiting for vacation as a time to travel and see new things, you’ll get to do it as part of your career.
  • You love meeting new people. You may be a social creature who enjoys the company of new friends and co-workers. If this is the case, you’ll get to meet new people regularly as part of a travel pharmacy role. Your assignments can last anywhere from 13 weeks to a year or more, giving you plenty of opportunities to expand your social network.
  • You’re experienced. If you’ve been a pharmacist for a year or more, travel pharmacy is a viable option for your next job. If you’ve been working as a pharmacist longer, perhaps you’re looking for a career change. Travel pharmacy could provide that extra spice you’ve been looking for.
  • You welcome challenges. Frequent moves to new work sites (especially if you are toting along your family and pets) involve a good deal of flexibility on your part. However, some people thrive in situations that require them to learn new things, such as cultures, new job rules, transportation routes, places to eat, etc. If you love experiencing new things, you may be a good fit as a travel pharmacist.
  • You get bored with routines. If you don’t see yourself in the exact same job until retirement, a career that allows for frequent change may be right up your alley. Travel pharmacists can accept shorter- or longer-term assignments as they see fit.

No one knows you better than yourself.

When choosing a new career path, consider your work habits and personality. Let your natural tendencies steer you toward a pharmacy job that is best suited to you. If any of the above qualities match your personal traits, you may be a good fit as a travel pharmacist.

To learn more about travel pharmacy positions, contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing today! We excel at finding exciting and rewarding travel pharmacy placements for motivated pharmacy professionals.