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Gaining Your U.S. License as a Foreign Healthcare Traveler

More than 15 percent of all healthcare workers in the U.S. in 2005 were foreign born (according to We believe that number has grown in the eight years since then.

If you’re a foreign nurse, PT, OT, speech therapist, physician assistant or other allied healthcare professional looking to work in the U.S. as a traveler, read below for information on how to obtain your license here.

The first step is to apply for healthcare worker certification (also known as a VisaScreen certificate). This will allow you to procure a temporary working visa or permanent residence in the United States.

Each state has its own licensing requirements. If you’re a registered nurse, you can take the NCLEX licensing examination in your home country, but most other foreign health professionals will have to come to the U.S. in order to take your profession’s mandatory licensing exam.

The licensing and immigration process is complicated. Your MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter will help you as much as he or she can, but you must understand that getting your license/Visa, etc. is your responsibility, not ours.

That said, check out this handy listing of important links you should read about the process.

The VisaScreen’s purpose is to ensure that any foreign-born healthcare professional who wants to practice in the U.S. has the equivalent training, education, experience, and English-language ability of a native-born worker. Also, as you go through the VisaScreen process, the organizations you’ll be using to certify that you have the required experience, education, etc., must verify that your foreign license is “unencumbered.”

If English isn’t your native language, you’re going to have to take and pass the following exams:

The Test of Spoken English (TSE) and the Test of Written English (TWE). You may take these tests from the following organizations:

Obtaining your VisaScreen, acquiring the necessary documents and taking the necessary tests are not uncomplicated. While it’s ultimately your responsibility to make sure the process is done correctly and that the proper paperwork/documentation is delivered, we highly recommend that you work with an attorney on this important process.

As mentioned above, we’ll help you as much as we can. We do hire foreign healthcare professionals and we hope you’ll contact us soon for more information on how we can help you become a traveling healthcare professional with us. Contact us today!