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Improve Your Patient Care with These Six Tips

Healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to improve patient care. At the center of patient care are nurses. What they do can make the difference between a happy patient and one who is miserable. Here are a few tips on how your efforts can improve patient care.

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Make rounds on the hour.

This has been shown to greatly increase patient satisfaction because they know someone will always be in to see them within one hour. It is actually better for nurses also because it reduces the number of times they have to respond to a call bell, so they can better plan their time.

To make such a schedule more manageable, nurses and nurse assistants can alternate the hourly visits.


Studies also show that this really improves patient satisfaction. When a nurse sits down, it shows that he or she is making time to listen to the patient.

Educating the patient.

Taking time to explain and give information to a patient about his or her condition and treatment is very important. Often, patients look to nurses to explain things because they feel too intimidated to question a doctor. So, nurses need to take the time to explain things fully to the patient and answer all of the patient’s questions.

The patient report.

Instead of filling in the report at the nursing station, nurses should add to the report at the bedside. This gives the patient the opportunity to talk with the nurse about what is going into the report and even contribute to it. It helps to give the patient a feeling of empowerment.

Prefabricated responses.

These are responses to certain questions or situations that have been scripted in advance. For example, the hospital could have a script for nurses to use when introducing themselves to patients and explaining procedures. Or they could have a script prepared for calming agitated or angry patients. This makes it easier for nurses to communicate with patients and make sure they are giving the patient the necessary information.


Supplies that are used frequently could be kept right in patient rooms where they will be readily available, rather than expecting the nurse to walk a distance to retrieve them.

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