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How You Can Make a Boring Assignment Lively Again

Is your travel nurse assignment not quite what you were hoping for? For some nurses, it can take a few days to get settled into the “swing of things.” But if you discover you just aren’t in love with your new placement—or even if you find yourself bored with this new assignment—what can you do?

Feeling less than enthused about your travel nurse placement? No problem! Simply take a deep breath and follow these five tips from MedPro Healthcare Staffing:

  1. Ask questions. If you’re wishing you had a little more on your plate, just ask your supervisor: “What else do you need help with? What more can I do?” Your temporary employer may simply be keeping your workload light since you’re new and be willing to give you additional responsibilities. This can add an interesting twist to your day.
  2. Work with your recruiter. Your recruiter is your number one resource for support and guidance during your travel nurse assignment. If you really dislike where you’ve been placed on assignment, check in with your recruiter to find out if you can switch to a different role or department.
  3. One of the best ways to infuse more fun into your workday is to meet and get to know some of the people with whom you interact. This could include your co-workers, as well as your patients. A great conversation starter is, “So… what’s something fun to do around here?” If you happen to have fellow travel nurses at your location, meeting them and making plans to do something after work can make the difference between a so-so assignment and having a lot of fun!
  4. Go see the sights. Many nurses find taking in the sights and sounds of their temporary home can make things a lot more interesting during their days off. You can visit national parks, historic sites, antique and vintage stores, shopping districts and more. You might also try to find options for different things to do—but be safe, and bring another nurse with you, if possible.
  5. Stay in touch with friends and loved ones. It’s always good to hear a familiar voice while you’re away on assignment—or see a familiar face! You can use FaceTime and Skype to chat face to face, talk over the phone, text, email or catch up over social media.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone

After all, this is how you learn and grow! While on assignment, keep a positive attitude, try to meet your co-workers, work with your recruiter, get out and explore—and make the most of your placement. And if there are aspects of your assignment you really dislike, take notes and talk with your recruiter to make your next assignment even better!

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

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