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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Travel Healthcare Job

You can write a travel healthcare cover letter that is a real “page turner.” Much like a good book, your cover letter should capture the attention and interest of the reader—your potential employer. This will, in turn, get an employer to keep reading (your resume) and may even entice him or her to pick up the phone to schedule an interview with you. It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? And it can be with just a few cover-letter-writing tricks. First, you’ll need to know what the goal of a cover letter is.

Hallmarks of a well-written cover letter

Your cover letter should be a concise advertisement of why you are the best travel healthcare professional for the position. It should not list out your employment history, education, experience, etc. (That’s the job of your resume.)

Your cover letter, in general, should follow these guidelines:

  • You should prepare a custom-written cover letter for each position to which you apply. Never use a generic cover letter.
  • Brief and direct. Your cover letter should state in three paragraphs why an employer should hire you. It should contain an introduction (why you want the job), body text (a short story about why you’re perfect for the job) and a conclusion (how to contact you).
  • Sells your benefits to the employer. In the body of your letter, describe how your unique skills can benefit the position and facility. For example, what have you accomplished in your career that can be directly applied to this position?
  • Speaks the industry language. Search job databases and similar job posts for key words. Use these in your cover letter.

What to include in a travel healthcare cover letter

Now that you know cover letter basics, it’s time to get more specific. Certain qualities and characteristics are favorable for travel healthcare professionals. If you have any of the following, consider including them as the theme of your cover letter:

  • A love of adventure. As a travel healthcare worker, you’ll be visiting new cities, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and learning new facility policies. A love of adventure will surely help you succeed.
  • To excel in a travel healthcare position, you’ll need to adapt well (and quickly) to fare well. You’ll need to be a fast learner who is open minded in just about any situation.
  • Healthcare workers—travel or otherwise—may be required to work varying shifts. The more flexible you are regarding scheduling, the more marketable you are.
  • A “people person.” Do you thrive in a setting that requires you to work well with others? Travel healthcare professionals are constantly meeting new people and must assimilate well with new cultures. They also must deliver good patient care through collaboration and great communication.
  • A desire to broaden your horizons. Do you wish to grow in your career by learning new things? An open-minded attitude toward change can be a plus on your travel healthcare cover letter.

The sky is truly the limit

There is much to do and see as a travel healthcare worker. Once you master the art of writing a winning cover letter, you will be that much closer to opening many doors in your career.

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