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How to Stay in Touch with Your Previous Employer as a Travel Nurse

Staying in touch with former employers usually is not something high on people’s list of priorities. To many, it is something in their past, and they are looking to the future. But keeping in touch is actually a very good idea because colleagues and supervisors at your former employers are great for networking.

They know you and what you have done. They work in your industry and have many contacts of their own that may be useful to you down the road. They can give your references for other jobs. It may, however, appear a little contrived if you simply contact them for no apparent reason, making everyone feel a little ill at ease.

But there are a number of occasions that create good opportunities to check back with former employers. Here are a few.


Include former colleagues and supervisors on your holiday card list. They will certainly appreciate knowing that you are thinking of them around the holidays.

Milestones in your career or personal life.

This might include when you are moving. You can send them your new contact information. You can also keep them up to date on major events, such as a marriage, going back to school, switching jobs, getting a promotion, and the like.

It also gives you an opportunity to show your gratitude to them, to thank them for the training and experiences you received at their organization that enabled you to do so well.

And the reverse also is true: If you know that someone at a former employer has achieved some professional accomplishment or personal milestone, use this as an opportunity to send him or her a note of congratulations.

Professional articles.

If you come across an article in a professional publication or online that you think might be of interest to them, send it along to former colleagues.

Social media.

This is a fairly obvious way of keeping in touch in today’s technology saturated world. You have a choice of online platforms to use, the most well-known being Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Before you choose which to use, however, consider what kind of relationship you have with former colleagues. If it’s more just the professional kind, you may want to limit your contact to LinkedIn. But if you have a more personal friendship, you may want to use all three.

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