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How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

In most jobs, pressure comes with the territory. There are stressful situations you have to confront, sometimes on a daily basis. And for some jobs, pressure is a constant companion – surgeons, air traffic controllers, stock traders and even lion tamers all know about this.

However, you cannot let pressure affect your performance. So, what can you do to make sure you perform at your best when the heat is on? Here are a few tips.

  1. Breath. Deep breathing has a natural calming effect on the body. Fill your chest with banner-9air, breathing in and out slowly and calmly. This puts our autonomic or involuntary nervous system into action which helps us fend off a panic response.
  2. Review in your mind. If you know you are going into a stressful activity, go over in your mind what you are going to do, kind of like a mental rehearsal. Also, think about what can go wrong and how you will respond to it. Surgeons do this type of thing before they operate.
  3. Take care of the biggest problems first. Even in stressful situations, you need to prioritize. Remember the saying, “Don’t worry about the monkeys throwing coconuts when the elephants are stampeding.” Take care of the most urgent need first.
  4. Take a break. When the pressure is building, and the fuses are starting to blow despite your best effort, it may time to take a quick break; to step away for a moment just to readjust before going at it again.
  5. Block out anything unrelated. After prioritizing what you need to deal with, block out everything else. Focus only on the most urgent, and do not let extraneous noise interfere.
  6. Watch body language. When things get tense, we get tense as well. Our muscles tense, we make facial expressions that reveal our tension and these physical responses tend to increase our tension even more. If you feel your muscles tensing, try to relax them – stretch or shake a little. The same is true with our face. If you feel yourself frowning, grimacing or furrowing your brows, relax your face into a more calm expression.

You’re not alone.

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