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How to Reduce Stress During Your Holiday Pharmacists Job Search

For many pharmacies, the flow of customer traffic increases during the holiday season. This is due in part to customers rushing to fill prescriptions before their deductibles roll over in January. Many customers are also in search of cold and flu remedies—more so than during other times of the year. But whatever the reason for the seasonal rush, you may find yourself with an increased need for pharmacists during the holiday season. To avoid the stress of staffing up as the months grow busier, you can follow a few seasonal staffing strategies. Here’s what you can do.

To supplement your pharmacy with additional temporary pharmacy staff, consider the following:

  1. Start your search before the season hits. Based on previous years, you probably have a pretty good idea when the busy season starts. You should begin your seasonal hiring a few weeks beforehand, so you’ll have plenty of time to line up the temporary pharmacists you’ll need to move successfully through your busy season.
  2. Be clear when writing your job description. You can help smooth out the hiring process by naturally weeding out candidates that won’t be a good fit for your facility. You can do this by writing clear job descriptions that specify exactly the qualifications needed to excel at your open job opportunity.
  3. Look in the right places. You can post your job description on a job site, such as or, advertise with a professional organization, or work with a staffing partner. Other sources of fresh new staff include working with a local college for recent graduates, or offering any part-time workers temporary full-time hours over the holidays.
  4. Consider travel staff. When you work with travel pharmacists, you open up your candidate pool to a much larger audience—the entire country! This can help you find exactly the pharmacists you need to fit in and do well at your facility.
  5. Take onboarding seriously. It’s a good idea to appoint one or two of your full-time staff to act as mentors to new workers for a week or so after they begin. This way, you can help ensure that your new workers are brought up to speed quickly and correctly. Plus, they’ll have someone there to answer questions or offer any other help they may need as they learn the ropes.

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