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How to Pick a Travel Healthcare Staffing Firm: A Checklist

Launching a successful and rewarding travel healthcare career can depend heavily on which agencies you partner with. Start by asking current travelers at your facility what they like or don’t like about their agency, then try these tips to determine which firm will suit you the best.

Questions to Think About.

  • Will you need health insurance from the agency or can you get adequate coverage from available exchanges at
  • Do you need a 401(k) or can you manage retirement through an IRA?
  • Do you prefer to find your own housing or do you want the agency to find it for you?
  • What part of the country would you like to travel to?
  • Do you prefer rural or urban environments?
  • Would per diem be a better fit for you than longer term travel?

Questions to Ask Your Recruiter.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How long has the recruiter been with the company?
  • In what cities do they have current assignments?
  • Which of their assignments are the current travelers’ favorites?
  • Do you provide housing or a housing allowance?
  • What travel expenses will I be reimbursed for?
  • How much will my travel stipend be?
  • Do you provide a rental car?
  • What is the pay range in my specialty?
  • Do you offer insurance?
  • How much will my contribution be?
  • If you don’t take the health insurance, do I get a healthcare stipend?
  • Can I bring my pets?
  • Do you reimburse for licensing or certifications?
  • Do you offer tuition reimbursement for my master’s degree in my field?

Other Factors to Consider.

Think about the little things that will make you more comfortable on the job. Do they offer a concierge service to take care of any issues or concerns you may have? Is there a 24 hour hotline?

Would you rather the agency set up your housing for you or receive a stipend? If the agency sets it up for you, it will be in a safe location, furnished and close to your assignment. If you opt for the stipend, you may be able to find housing for less than your allowance and pocket the difference, but you may not know the best areas in an unfamiliar city. You may also have trouble finding furnished accommodations.

Will you be able to extend the assignment if you like the location or the facility? Is there an extension bonus? When and how do you get paid? Will you get paid time off?

If you are looking for a travel health agency that you can trust, contact MedPro Staffing. We can match you with just the right travel or full-time positions in nursing, pharmacy and allied healthcare.