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How to Manage Continuing Education as a Travel Nurse

To maintain your nursing licensure, you must earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). The quantity you are required to earn and the timeframe within which you have to earn them differs by state. This is especially important for travel nurses, because you’re likely licensed in multiple states. So how can you be sure to earn the CEUs you need to maintain your nursing licensure?

CEUs—what travel nurses need to know

First and foremost, work with your recruiter! He or she is your number one contact for licensure, and can also help you determine how many CEUs you’ll need to earn to maintain your credentials. States may have various topics your CEUs are required to cover. Plus, if you have a compact nursing license, you’ll need to earn CEUs based on the requirements in your home state, plus any special requirements in the states you travel to for assignments.

Covering the cost of CEUs

Continuing education isn’t free, but may be covered by your staffing agency. Speak with your recruiter to discover what is offered to you as you work to maintain your nursing license.

Don’t leave your CEUs until the last minute

Anyone in the healthcare field who has had to earn CEUs will tell you—work on them little by little! It’s never a good plan to place the stress of a ticking clock on yourself. Instead, find out how long you have to earn your CEUs, plan what you’ll need to do, and then begin working on it right away. Balance your work with your CEU requirements. Taking your time has the added benefit of being able to better-absorb all the new information you learn—and this is a benefit to your career.

Looking for a new staffing agency?

Check out MedPro Healthcare Staffing! We provide our travel nurses with the services and support you need to do your very best at each assignment. And this includes our education program: MedProU! You’ll have access to information and materials to help you learn and grow in your nursing career. Plus, your recruiter will help you work toward your CEU requirements to maintain your licensure. To learn more and begin your travel nurse career, contact us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.

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