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How to Keep Your Travel Healthcare Staff From Checking out Before Their Assignment Ends

Travel nurses work temporary assignments—usually lasting around 13 weeks. They’re always in state of transition, preparing for what’s next to maintain a full employment schedule. But when a travel nurse is employed at your facility, you want them to maintain productivity right up until the end. So, what can you do to help encourage your travel nurses to work hard from day one until their end of their assignments at your hospital?

One of the best ways to motivate nursing staff is through perks and incentives. These can be simple or more complex. Consider the following:

  • Surprise treats. When your nurses know you think highly of them, it’s very motivating. Perks like coffee, donuts or free lunch might seem simple, but can serve as a reminder that hard work is appreciated.
  • Gift cards and prizes. Nothing is quite as motivating as the chance to win money and other prizes. An ongoing rewards program that celebrates hard work each week can help keep your travel staff on their toes, as well as your full-timers. You might consider awarding prizes based on compliments offered by patients, number of patients seen, shifts covered or other progress markers. Items such as gift cards for coffee shops or spas, travel coffee mugs, water bottles or fleece pullovers are all popular choices.
  • Going away parties. Knowing that temporary travel workers always receive a warm send-off can help your travel nurses stay motivated up until the very end of their assignment. Plan to schedule a traveler’s party a few weeks in advance of her last day so she knows what’s to come.
  • A good job reference. Travel nurses must continue to line up future assignments. And positive feedback from their employers helps them land new travel positions. It’s a good idea to hold your review of their performance and any letters of reference until the very end to encourage continued hard work.
  • The promise of ongoing employment. Sometimes a travel worker fits in so well with your facility that you’d like to extend their contract. With the prospect of extended employment, a travel worker will continue to give 100 percent. After all, your hospital will continue to be their home base!

The best way to find travel nurses

As you supplement your nursing staff, it helps to work with a travel nurse staffing agency. Your recruiter will help you find travel nurses best matched to the staffing needs of your facility—in a fraction of the time it takes to source travel staff on your own.

Looking for a top travel nurse recruiter?

Medrol Healthcare Staffing is a national provider of quality healthcare professionals—and we’re at your service! We offer our travel nurses the opportunity to learn more through educational resources of MedProU, so you’ll always be placed with a high-quality, well-rounded nurse. If you need more information about working with travel nurses, or you’re ready to speak with one of our experienced recruiters, contact us today using the link below.


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