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How to Increase Nurse Efficiency through Workplace Improvements

Travel nursing helps healthcare facilities to improve efficiency by providing access to skilled credentialed, professionals when and where there is demand. Up-to-date systems and technologies make it simpler for nurses to perform well from their first day at a new facility.

Lighting, Design and Ventilation. A pleasing physical environment can help nurses feel more welcome in a new facility. When a travel nurse moves from location to location, entering a pleasant place of work can make it easier to adapt to changing environments. Proper lighting, ventilation and ergonomic reduces fatigue and increases productivity.

Wireless Communication. This technology allows nurses to perform their jobs more effectively. From monitoring vitals to responding to patient call buttons, wireless technologies enable nurses to provide better patient care, even in a larger.

Workflow Management Systems. Integrated systems allow nurses to track vitals, fall risk, physician orders or patient requests at a glance enabling them to prioritize tasks and patient care and manage admissions, discharge, tests and medications.

Bar-coded Medication Administration. Medication errors can easily be avoided by providing each patient with a unique coded bracelet which is then scanned every time medication is administered. This dramatically improves patient care.

Interactive Patient Technologies. Facilities and healthcare providers are developing patient portals where patients can track their own test results, medication and history. Online patient education sites are also on the rise. These allow patients to be more informed, ask educated questions and take responsibility for their own care.

Improving the environment and technology in the facility where nurses work helps them to perform more effectively. At MedPro Healthcare Staffing we can provide the screened, credentialed nursing professionals you need to operate your facility more efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today for help.