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How to Help New Medical Staff Become Acquainted With the Job

As the old saying goes, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” You were a new employee once, too, and may or may not have had the benefit of an on-the-job buddy to show you the ropes. Why not be that person for a new coworker? Your newest teammate has a lot to get used to—everything from parking to new job responsibilities, and even where to take his or her lunch break. Take some time and help the newbie become acquainted with the job. The bonus is you’ll feel good about helping someone out, and will be able to test your own know-how as you explain things to someone else.

How you as a co-worker can help with onboarding a new team member

You know how it feels to be the new guy or girl on the block. Help ease your teammate’s transition by stepping up and extending the following assistance:

  • Introduce yourself and welcome the new person to the team. It can be nerve wracking to break the ice with a new team, especially if you aren’t an extroverted person. If your employer hasn’t yet introduced you, or even if he has, take the time to introduce yourself to your new coworker and offer kind words of welcome.
  • Say good morning and good night. Continue the warm-and-fuzzy by greeting your new teammate each morning, and offering a friendly send-off each evening at the end of your shifts.
  • Help out. A new coworker may feel uneasy asking too many questions of your boss. Let him or her know that you will gladly be a source of information about the job and may be able to help answer any job-related questions.
  • Invite your new teammate out for lunch or after-work drinks. This can help the new person get acquainted with the team, which aids collaborative efforts on the job. Also, if the new employee is also new to your city, showing him or her a few hot spots for food or drinks can help with assimilation into the culture and surroundings.
  • Serve as a tour guide. Your new teammate has most certainly been shown around the facility on his or her first day. However, with first-day jitters in full effect, he or she may not remember exactly where everything is. Offer to help show your new coworker around once again, if your assistance is needed.

A little kindness goes a long way!

You’ll know you’ve succeeded if, a few months down the road, you notice your now-more-seasoned teammate extending the same assistance to the new new person. And besides, the more comrades you have on the job, the more interesting your work will become. Friendly conversation and teamwork makes the work day go that much faster.

Looking for a new team?

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