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How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruiter Relationship

Looking for a new job? You can help your job search progress much more efficiently by working hand-in-hand with your recruiter. After all, he or she wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. The reputation of the staffing firm you are working with hangs in the balance!

Six ways to maximize your recruiter relationship.

You can help your recruiter help you by:

  1. Taking your meet-and-greet interview seriously. The first time you meet with your recruiter, treat this as you would any job interview. Your recruiter is using this first meeting to gauge your interview and communication skills. If your recruiter has given you any instructions prior to your first meeting, be sure to follow them.
  2. Being open and honest. It’s the best policy when you’re trying to find a great job match for you. Tell your recruiter what you are looking for, what your skills and experience are and anything else he or she will need to know about your job search so far. Do you have any interviews pending? Have you sent applications to any employers? The more complete a picture you can paint, the more equipped your recruiter will be to assist you.
  3. Taking criticism well. Your recruiter’s main goal is to help you. This can mean offering suggestions for how to improve your interview skills, answer tough interview questions, fix up your resume and cover letter, etc. Do not get defensive; take all criticism as a chance to improve yourself professionally.
  4. Staying active. Working with a recruiter doesn’t mean sitting back and letting him or her do all the legwork. Keep perusing job pages and websites for possible openings. Just be sure to maintain communication with your recruiter if you want to apply for anything; this way, you’ll be less likely to double your efforts, and can work as a team in your job search.
  5. Being patient. Your recruiter is working to find you a position that is best for you and for your potential employer. This can take time. It can help to check in with your recruiter every week or so if you haven’t heard from him or her. But definitely try to avoid constant (e.g., daily) phone calls or emails. You can stay top-of-mind without being a pest.
  6. Staying flexible. No, you should not have to compromise what you want, and yes, you deserve to find a job that you like. However, depending on your field, the competition can be stiff … your recruiter may offer you different options within that For example, he or she may suggest a contract or temporary position rather than a full-time position. It can help to stay open-minded and consider possibilities when they are presented to you.

Your recruiter is working hard to help you succeed.

It’s your recruiter’s job to help you become happily employed. But by following a few steps, you can make the relationship as beneficial as possible. It will be worth it in the end when you find a great new job!

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