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7 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Medical Conferences

It’s great to learn something new! Medical conferences are a big part of the healthcare industry, as they give medical professionals a chance to get together and learn about the most current happenings in their field. You may be considering a medical conference as a way to earn your continuing education credits, but aren’t sure if the benefits outweigh the expense of travel, lodging, food and the conference itself. The truth is that, with medical conferences, like anything else, you get out of them what you put into them.

Should you attend a medical conference?

The choice is ultimately yours, but the experience can be a valuable one if you maximize your time. Consider the following ways to get the most out of a medical conference:

  1. Know what you’d like to learn. Choose a conference based on what you’d like to know more about. Don’t attend the same conference every year, but instead pick different ones to interact to experience varying communities within the healthcare field. Plan ahead for which presentations to attend while you’re at the conference to learn about topics that pique your interest the most, and even inspire you.
  2. Take notes. Bring a notebook, laptop or electronic tablet and jot down information presented by conference speakers, as well as your own notes, thoughts or ideas. This will give you something to which you can later refer back.
  3. By all means, chat during the conference with those in your industry—they likely have more time to talk than during the workday! Conferences are a great place to meet and connect with healthcare professionals you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to talk with. And you never know where your next job lead might crop up.
  4. Go for less—or for free. Though medical conferences can be an expense, many employers cover all or part of continuing education costs for employees. You may also be able to apply for a grant or get state funding to help you cover the cost of attending a conference.
  5. Do follow-up reading. Did you learn something at the conference that you found particularly interesting? Ask the presenter to recommend follow-up reading so you can learn more. Don’t let your learning end at the close of the conference!
  6. If you’re a subject matter expert or have conducted research in your field, consider presenting at a medical conference. It’s a great opportunity to gain recognition within the community and build your confidence.
  7. Enjoy the location. Where is the conference taking place? In between presentations or in the evening, get out and tour your surroundings. Ask for recommendations for dining, night life or other attractions from the desk staff at your hotel, or by using tourist apps for your smart phone.

Learn, grow and achieve!

If you want to learn something new in a professional setting amidst others in your field, a medical conference is a valuable use of your time and funds. The more you know, the better equipped you are to achieve great things in your career.

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