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How to Evaluate a Travel Healthcare Contract

Congratulations on considering your first travel healthcare assignment! Travel work can offer you many advantages, such as the opportunity to see new places, meet new people and gain new career experiences. Before you begin your travel assignment, you’ll need to sign a contract with your staffing agency. You’ll want to review and evaluate your contract to be sure you agree with everything it contains. Here’s what you want to look for.

Things to consider when reviewing your contract

Before you accept a travel assignment, be sure it accommodates all of your needs. You should evaluate your contract for the following:

  • The length of the assignment. Travel assignments usually last around 13 weeks. Check your contract to see if yours will be longer or shorter. Your travel employer may also offer you the opportunity for an extension.
  • The size of the facility where you’ll be placed. As a new travel worker, you may be ready to begin at a large teaching facility, or may feel more comfortable at a location with a smaller case load.
  • Housing provisions. Your placement may include housing, or your recruiter may work with you to find suitable living quarters. Or you may be on your own to find a place to stay. Check your contract so you’re prepared.
  • If your family or pets can travel with you. Will you be traveling alone, or with others in tow? Your housing should accommodate a spouse, children or pets if you need them to.
  • The pay rate. The best way to evaluate your pay rate is to determine if it will work for you given the assignment and location. What you are willing to accept for pay is based on your own personal perspective. What amount will work for you?
  • Healthcare benefits. Does your contract include medical, dental or vision coverage? You may also want to review your available benefits with your recruiter.
  • Who to contact with questions. As a new travel worker, you will likely have questions once you arrive on assignment. Make sure you have a person both at your staffing agency and at your new facility whom you can contact for help.

Practice makes perfect

It may take a few contracted assignments to help you determine what aspects of a travel placement make you happier than others. With practice, you’ll be that much better at evaluating the contract for each new assignment.

What to do if you still have concerns

You can also reach out to a legal professional to help you review a travel healthcare contract more fully. Ultimately, you’ll need to be able to trust the travel healthcare company you’re considering. You can research them online and read what other travel healthcare workers have said. It can also help to check with colleagues who have accepted travel assignments with this agency.

You can find your next assignment with MedPro Healthcare Staffing

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