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How to Cope With the End of a Great Assignment

As a travel nurse, you’re on the move! Assignments last around 13 weeks, which means every three months or so, you’re bouncing to your next placement. This is great for adventure seekers who love to travel, which is probably one of the main reasons you became a travel nurse in the first place. But what happens when you’ve grown attached to one of your placements? It can be tough to move on.

Use your experiences to make your next assignment great

You’ve learned and grown during your placement! So, when it’s time to move on, take your new knowledge with you. You can follow these tips to keep the positive energy flowing through your travel nursing career:

  • Choose a similar placement next. What setting were you working in that you enjoyed? One of the great perks of travel nursing is the opportunity to explore your field and learn what you like. So if you’ve enjoyed a particular placement, let that guide you to your next travel nurse experience at a similar facility.
  • Ask about contract extensions. Some employers are willing to extend the contracts of nurses who mesh well with the hospital. So if you’ve had a great time and you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, you can negotiate with your employer for a possible contract extension.
  • You’ve met lots of great people during your assignment! And you can never be 100 percent sure where your nursing career will take you; maybe you want to keep traveling, but perhaps at some point you’ll decide to settle into a more stationary role. By networking, you can learn of new career opportunities.
  • Ask for references and recommendations. The glowing feedback of others can be a boost to securing future travel assignments. So when you’ve had a great travel nurse experience, ask your manager, fellow nurses or other medical staff members to write a reference letter, serve as a verbal reference or recommend you on LinkedIn—and offer to do the same!
  • Keep in touch. Travel nursing isn’t just about professional networking; you’ve made new friends, as well. Make plans to stay in touch through email and social media. You never know where your career will take you next, and somewhere down the road you may run into nurses you know. It can make your transition to a new placement much easier when there’s a familiar face!

Work with your recruiter

It helps to line up your next assignment early—usually a month before your current placement ends. So around the nine-week mark, reach out to your travel nurse recruiter to discuss where you’d like to go next.

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