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How Early Should You Start Planning for Summer Healthcare Travel Assignments?

If you’re looking to fill your calendar with travel assignments this summer, right now is the perfect time to start planning. This way, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to secure placements in locations you’d like to get away to during the warm summer months. Your recruiter is a vital source for travel opportunities, and he or she will also need adequate time to help you line everything up. That’s why late winter/early spring should be your time to start booking your travel placements.

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Places to include in your summertime planning

Before you set sail, you’ll want to think about the different places you might want to see. This could include:

  • Big cities. Because of their large populations, cities such as New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago are often bursting with travel opportunities. Placements such as these can be incredibly convenient on a temporary basis, since they offer adequate public transportation, lots of housing and plenty to do and see while you’re there.
  • Island paradises. Maybe you’re a more laid-back sort who prefers beaches, palm trees and sunny skies during your 13-week assignment. You can check with your recruiter for placement in locations such as Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Florida and California.
  • Areas of adventure. Are you into hiking, mountain climbing, biking or Big Skies? If so, you might prefer a placement in a Western or Mountain state of the U.S.—or even Alaska. The good news is, you’ll have plenty of outdoors to take in, and you (and your family) will be able to get lots of exercise during your placement.
  • Historic or cultural landmarks. The Northeastern states offer the most history and culture, being the first settled in the U.S. During your time off, you can join walking or guided tours of Boston, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.

Is your family coming with you?

If you have school-age children and a spouse, you may wish to bring them with you on assignment. Your travel work can be incredibly rewarding for your kids, especially if you choose assignments in areas where they have plenty to do and see. Consider the following:

  • National parks. Hiking and biking trails, beaches, picnic areas and wildlife refuges may be just a short travel distance from your placement. These can provide hours of outdoor therapy, which is good for everyone’s health and well-being. Plus, they’re fun, and beautiful.
  • Sites of interest. Amusement parks; art, history and science museums; aquariums and other sites can become exciting destinations for after work hours or during your days off.
  • Local cuisine. Every area has dishes it’s known for—just watch any show on the Travel Channel or Food Network. You can check with the locals or consult travel apps from your smart phone to find hot spots and popular dining establishments, for everything for fine dining to mom-and-pop-style diners and fast food stands.

Are you ready?

Soon the ground will thaw, birds will start singing and school will be out for the summer. Will you be ready to set out on your summertime travel healthcare assignments? Start planning now to maximize your chances of landing placements in all your desired destinations!

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