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How Being a Foreign Nurse Can Help You Find a Great Job in the U.S.

Looking forward to a nursing position in the United States? Accepting a job overseas is a boost to your career, and as an international nurse you are at an advantage. That’s because international nurses bring several key benefits to their employers and patients.

As an international nurse, you’re well qualified to excel at a job as an international nurse. Here’s why:

  • You’re bilingual. Speaking more than one language is endlessly valuable in the nursing world. As an international nurse, your language skills allow you to work within pockets of ethnic populations and easily communicate with native speakers. Many Americans are not bilingual, though the U.S. is home to many citizens for whom English is not their primary language. This means that bi- or trilingual nurses are in high demand.
  • You’re “worldly.” Being familiar with other cultures, world views and belief systems is extremely beneficial in being able to provide compassionate care for patients. Nursing is a people-centric profession and cultural awareness gives international nurses the ability to provide competent care with empathy and understanding. This adds to patient wellness.
  • You adapt well. Anyone who has traveled to a new country can tell you—it takes patience and confidence to get used to a completely different way of life! As an international nurse, you are familiar with having to adapt to brand new surroundings, and this is great practice for the demands placed on nurses moving coming to work in the United States.
  • You’re passionate about nursing. Nurses who are passionate about their careers take the time to be the very best. Your commitment to nursing far from home shows your love of nursing and your dedication to learn and grow in your career.

Benefits of working with a staffing agency

When searching for international nurse jobs in the United States, a staffing agency is a valuable partner. Your recruiter will help you with immigration paperwork and licensure, plus work with you to find housing and get settled. Your transition to the U.S. will go much smoother with your trusted international nurse recruiter.

Looking for your next international nurse job?

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