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Horrible Assignment? Key Takeaways to Consider

Though travel nursing is an incredible opportunity, what happens when you find yourself in a less-than-incredible situation? Sure, we’d all like to be on assignment with lovely co-workers, kind patients, a boss we love and a caseload that allows for breathing room. However, it’s important to understand that hospitals seeking travel nurse support are in a time of great need. So when your assignment doesn’t quite turn out the way you planned, it’s time to do some evaluation to avoid a repeat performance.

Determine what went wrong

It might be easy to pinpoint the issue, or it might take some introspection. What about the assignment made you uneasy or even upset? Was it a people issue—difficult co-workers or patients? Or was it the nature of the facility that didn’t work out for you—like the location, layout, level of staffing, management or something else? Maybe you learned working in an emergency room is not for you, or you need something more fast paced than a long-term care facility.

Use what you learned in your next assignment

Take a look at your goals and what you want from your travel nursing career and compare your experience with your expectations for your next assignment. What questions should you ask before accepting another placement? What essential information will you need to know?

Work with your travel nurse recruiter

Be open and honest! Your recruiter wants you to be happy and satisfied with your assignments. By keeping open lines of communication with your recruiter, they can help you find a new travel placement you like. Plus, your feedback will be helpful for placing other travel nurses with the facility you just experienced. Your insight goes a long way—maybe further than you realize!

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

The experts at MedPro will help you find placements you love! Your recruiter will work with you to understand your aspirations as a travel nurse and maximize your positive experiences. And because we want each assignment to be your best yet, we offer the MedPro Experience program—providing you with travel nurse tips, support and even gifts while you’re on the road. To learn more and begin your travel nurse career, contact us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.


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