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Healthcare Facilities Celebrating Pride Month

How Facilities can Celebrate Pride Month

Diversity and inclusion are vital in the workplace and have become a topic of high priority for many organizations across the country, including healthcare facilities. Does your facility have a committee dedicated to celebrating diversity and promoting equality? June is National Pride Month and now more than ever before, companies are looking for ways to internally and externally show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. This includes medical facilities who want to prioritize their LGBTQ+ employees and prospective employees; making them feel safe, heard, and welcomed. Here are five ways your facility can celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June and throughout the year.

Host diversity workshops for staff

Regardless of the dimension of diversity, it’s not uncommon for there to be misconceptions among staff regarding certain groups. Even those who deem themselves LGBTQ+ allies can be misinformed on specific topics pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community. Regularly educating employees and promoting inclusivity can drastically improve an organization’s company culture and create a platform that builds awareness and acceptance. Many facilities offer equality-themed workshops during orientation or will occasionally invite experts to come in and speak to their staff. These efforts can be extremely successful in battling stereotypes and expanding the consciousness of others.

Make restrooms “gender-neutral”

Organizations can also show their support by creating an environment that calls for inclusivity by having gender-neutral restrooms signs in their facility. Transgender individuals generally feel uncomfortable using bathrooms that do not represent their identified gender. Making restrooms gender-neutral removes that barrier and can illustrate authentic support for this minority group. This gesture will also be appreciated by LGBTQ+ patients being treated in your facility.

Be proud year round

Show your support by taking to social media with a rainbow-colored company logo for the month of July! While these month-themed initiatives are great from a celebratory standpoint, it’s also important to continue practicing equality throughout the year. Integrate equality into your company culture by offering equality workshops and initiating discussions amongst employees. Make sure your facility maintains year-round support by including LBGTQ+ individuals in your organization’s events and visually representing them in collateral, or your company’s website. These efforts will demonstrate a level of commitment to the LGBTQ+ community that will give them the confidence they are part of a safe and accepting workplace.

Maintain an open line of communication

While the public posture towards LGBTQ+ individuals has drastically improved in recent years, recent publishing from Glassdoor indicates that these individuals still experience considerable discrimination at work. Whether it is through an anonymous platform or a true “open-door policy,” it is largely beneficial to keep open lines of communication from the top down. Employees should feel heard and comfortable enough to provide both positive and negative feedback about organizational practices.

Allow employee-led resource groups

Encourage the formation of employee-led resource groups. These can be LGBTQ+ support groups, multicultural resource groups, or perhaps a hybrid of both. Resource groups should not be exclusive to members of these communities. The participation of the LGBTQ+’s allies can be powerful and their support can be influential. Senior staff members can and should maintain a presence at meetings to oversee the group’s efforts and reinforce the facility’s support towards their initiatives.

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