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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Embracing a Corporate Culture

Even though you’re going to be on assignment at a healthcare facility for a short period of time (usually about 13 weeks), you’ll enjoy your assignment and perform better if you can become a “part” of the corporate culture. Below we have included several great tips on how to do this.

Meet With Your Assignment Supervisor

Ask for a meeting with your direct supervisor as soon as feasible. In this meeting, discuss your understanding of the assignment and clarify any misconceptions you may have acquired. Discuss your particular responsibilities and immediate priorities.

Be Respectful and Humble (Regardless of Experience)

Understand that as a traveling nurse or therapist you may have more work experience – and a more varied work experience – than your supervisors. That said, it’s bad form to come in with guns a blazing with the attitude that the way you do things is far better than the way the facility does.

Instead, bide your time. Prove your worth and then – and only if – you feel your supervisors and colleagues trust and respect you, offer suggestions for improvement.

Observe Your Colleagues and Standard Practices

Watch your coworkers to get an idea of the corporate/departmental/unit’s work ethic. Do your colleagues make personal calls while on duty? Do they accept texts or e-mails from friends and family? Does the department/unit prefer face-to-face meetings or e-mail/memos? Take note and do what your colleagues do. If you don’t like it, remember: The assignment is only for 13 weeks. You can hang tough for 13 weeks, can’t you? (Note: if you feel exceptionally uncomfortable in a work environment, contact your recruiter. We don’t any of our travelers to work in a facility that they feel is immoral, engaged in illegal activities, abuses employees, etc.)

Be Attentive in Meetings

Pay attention in staff meetings. Yes, of course we mean listen to what the meeting host is discussing. But watch your colleagues. Is there an agenda, or is meeting more free-flowing? Do attendees use laptops, smartphones, etc.? How much do attendees speak up in the meeting? If it appears that your colleagues are expected to participate, be prepared yourself.

Be Social and Enjoy Your Assignment

Finally, make friends. Sure, you’re “only” there for a short time, but one of the obvious benefits of working as a traveler is the chance to forge relationships with like-minded professionals from all over the country. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly it can be for you to make close friendships, friendships that will grow and continue for years to come. But only if you make the effort.

Are you an RN, OT, PT or speech therapist with an itch to see the country and take your skills where they’re needed most? Then contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to discussing our many traveling opportunities with you!