School is Back! Why it is Always Important to Keep Learning.

Do you ever get the back-to-school blues? If you’re recently (or not so recently) out of college, you may find yourself feeling slightly nostalgic when the fall grows closer and you begin to see piles of notebooks, dorm supplies or other back-to-school items flooding the shelves of your local shopping center. However, just because you’re no longer attending an institution of higher education, it doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning.

Five reasons why it’s important to keep learning throughout your career

As human beings, we are inquisitive by nature, and benefit—as well as crave—mental stimulation. For this reason, many medical fields demand that healthcare professionals earn continuing education credits to maintain registration or licensure. Here’s why:

  • Lifetime learning keeps you up-to-date on medical trends. The medical industry is constantly evolving its understanding of human healthcare needs due to constant research. To be the best healthcare provider possible, it’s imperative to keep yourself up-to-date on current treatment recommendations.
  • Today’s workforce demands it. Our economy has made the working world extremely competitive. For this reason, if you want to excel and move forward in your career, you can’t simply sit by as a passive observer. Continuous motivation and positive energy is what employers are looking for. By continuing to learn about your industry, you’ll help yourself stay interested, motivated and productive.
  • It will keep your brain agile. Like our muscles, our brains must be exercised to stay fit. In other words, the more you think and learn, the better you’ll be able to process information, problem solve and devise creative solutions. This is also true of people who stay well-rounded, so keep up with your hobbies, as well as your career.
  • You owe it to yourself. You’ve worked hard to finish your degree and begin your career. Don’t let yourself stagnate: instead, continue working to be the very best healthcare professional you can be. You deserve greatness!
  • You owe it to your patients. As you continue to brush up on your career know-how, you’ll be mentally equipped to provide your patients with better and better care. The good health of your patients depends on your continuing education!

Not sure where to begin?

Identify which areas of your career are changing due to medical research, or which areas you are interested in learning more about. Let your natural interests guide you toward the type of knowledge you’d most like to attain. Your employer may also be able to provide insight into good ways to keep learning, such as continuing education programs; industry literature; industry websites, blogs or research papers; professional organizations, etc.

Your continued education can only benefit you, because, as the saying goes, knowledge is truly power. Reinforce yourself with the power to be the best you can be.

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