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Health Check: Does Your Resume Need Reviving?

It’s a new year, full of possibility. Whether you’re new to travel nursing or a seasoned veteran, how’s your travel RN resume looking? Many people make New Year’s resolutions about their careers for a fresh start. You can get started on the road to a fabulous, successful 2017 by breathing new life into the document that literally advertises your greatness to potential employers!

It’s important to customize your resume for each job to which you apply. But you should also keep the basic document fresh and ready for use. If you’re wondering how to update your travel nurse resume, you’re in luck! Just follow these top travel RN resume tips from MedPro Healthcare Staffing.

  1. Optimize for computer review. Most recruiters have stacks of resumes to review. To save time, your resume will first be scanned using computer software. You can optimize your resume to sail past this entry process by beginning with your travel nurse job experience that’s most relevant to the type of position you’re applying for. Plus, keep your formatting simple—don’t worry about fancy fonts and layouts, and avoid underlining or odd characters, such as symbols or emojis.
  2. Include industry keywords. Do a little research by reading job descriptions of travel nurse positions you’d like. What consistency do you see in the wording used? Grab a few important keywords and phrases, and pepper them into your resume where they make sense.
  3. Add RN skills you’ve obtained. If you’re wondering what to include in your travel nurse resume, key skills are at the top of the list. And kudos if these include travel nurse skills in demand. Once you’ve updated your resume, be sure to keep it up to date by adding details every time you complete a travel nurse assignment. You’ll never need to scramble at the last minute and won’t run the risk of forgetting important details.
  4. Explain any employment gaps. If you needed to take some time off in 2016 or have a gap between travel nurse jobs, it’s always a good idea to explain yourself up front. As you work to refresh your travel nurse resume, these tips can help you explain any gaps between jobs.
  5. Check grammar and spelling. Once you’ve made your updates, review your resume backwards and forwards for errors. Your keen eye for detail will speak wonders for your professionalism—a grammar and spelling check is essential for a top-notch travel nurse resume.

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Explore New Opportunities

Once your travel RN resume is up to speed, you’ll be ready to search for exciting new travel nurse placements in the new year. Your commitment to excellence is the best resource you can have in your search for the best travel nurse jobs. Another one is your travel nurse recruiter. And MedPro Healthcare Staffing can help.

We work with travel nurses for all aspects of your job search—from maintaining credentials, to filing taxes, to finding housing and everything in between. It’s our goal to help you have the very best travel nurse experience possible. To learn more, call MedPro Healthcare Staffing at 1-800-866-8108 to speak with one of our dedicated recruiters or apply for a great travel nursing job below.